A Transformational Journey to Love Benevolence

Psalm 108: Jesus, the Perfect Prototype to Manhood and Masculinity

A Psalm of Ayo. Written upon contemplation of the perfect, blessed manhood of Jesus Christ O Man, O man of Men, the epitome and perfectedness of manhood. A role model … Continue reading

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Psalm 102: Patient Cultivation of Love

A Psalm of Ayo. Written upon reflection of how patient God’s love is, and how his work of cultivation is consistent through every trials of life. Time and time again, … Continue reading

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The Obedience Complex (Series, Pt 4)

Part 4 The Blessedness of Obedience In our last instalment, we explored the concept of reverence for God. In it, we concluded that in order for man to reverence God, … Continue reading

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The Obedience Complex (Series, Part 3)

Part 3 REVERENCE FOR GOD In part 2 of our series on the ‘Obedience Complex’, we explored the importance of the heart of man as the centre of man’s obedience … Continue reading

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The Obedience Complex (Series, Pt 2)

Part 2 THE HEART OF MAN In our last instalment, we identified a challenge faced by every man- the issue of consistent obedience to God- and we identified 3 key … Continue reading

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The Obedience Complex (Series, Pt 1)

Introduction The Struggle with Obeying God and its Impact on Our Love for God Throughout the scripture our obedience to God is often synonymous with our Love for God. The … Continue reading

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The Futility of Man’s love Without God’s Love

Man is self-destructing by the day, and a major reason for this is because he lacks knowledge of the purpose and importance of the Love of God in his life. … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is the Hallmark of Love

“Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends” Forgiveness is the hallmark of Love. What this means is that forgiveness is a stamp; an … Continue reading

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A World Without The Love of God

When you magnify the lens into the world at large, the evidence is clear that the Love of God or Love for God is something that has been relegated to … Continue reading

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The Working of God’s Love in Our Lives

Love is God’s ultimate vision for mankind. It is His desired answer to every question, and His pre-assigned solution to every problem. This love is the foundation of life itself … Continue reading

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